College Connect is an initiative to address the need of high school juniors in the Charlotte area with the college admissions process. The COVID-19 crisis has created numerous difficulties in our community, and we all are striving to adapt to these new circumstances. Normally around this time, juniors would be sitting down with their high school guidance counselors to strategize about their application, and many would start to go on college visits in earnest. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has ensured that neither of those normalities are possible. Many juniors are completely in the dark about what the college process looks like, what they need to be doing, what schools they might apply to, and even what major they’re interested in. These are crucial questions that need to be addressed now because if we wait until COVID-19 settles down, the time to submit applications will be upon us.


College Connect aims to give juniors this admissions guidance. We may not be professional admission counselors, but we do have the ability to make a change together. Throughout Charlotte, many high school seniors have just finished the admissions process and are intimately familiar with what it takes to be effective. Also, many college students are quarantined at home right now, and they know what college life is actually like, what certain majors entail, and what different schools offer. College Connect wants to make sure we take full advantage of these resources around us to make sure that everyone has a fair shot at the admissions process next fall.


Let us make the college admissions process a little more transparent and manageable during this crisis. 


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