Greater Charlotte Area Mutual Aid  launched in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic. The impacts of this public health crisis on our community are manifold, with homeless shelters experiencing a shortage of supplies, local businesses going under, and individuals left in compromising, vulnerable, and isolating circumstances. 

The mission of GCA Mutual Aid is to serve individual and community needs during this state of local, national, and global emergency. We aim to accomplish this through consolidating available resources in the community, connecting assistance to those who are immediately impacted by the coronavirus, and facilitating the distribution of aid through this collective effort. 

We hope to create a platform where members of our community can help each other and uphold solidarity to alleviate the wider financial, social, and emotional ramifications felt by the Greater Charlotte Area.

Mission Statement

We aim to connect members of the Charlotte community with the resources they need during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Vision Statement

A community-centered organization that ensures the health and general welfare for residents of the Greater Charlotte Area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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