Covid Chronicles

The coronavirus pandemic has upended everyday life as we know it. But more importantly, it has impacted every life in ways we cannot even begin to quantify.

Covid Chronicles aims to center the stories of the pandemic: from hardship to resilience, from places of privilege to those of poverty, from life to death. Scaling this to the local level, our project specifically addresses individuals and their stories in the city of Charlotte.

By collecting these interviews we aim to paint a portrait of  Charlotte during the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite people to share their stories and experiences for the preservation of history. Our oral historians have conducted close to a hundred socially-distanced interviews with members of the Charlotte community, and we hope to continue uplifting these stories.

If you are interested in being interviewed for an oral history, please contact The purpose of this initiative is to collect the narratives of Charlotteans during the coronavirus pandemic. We believe that all stories matter and deserve to be told. Schedule an interview with one of our oral historians!

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