Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LearnTogether?

    • LearnTogether is an online tutoring service that matches K-12 students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools with a tutor who can help them with the various subjects. These tutors are drawn from a pool of CMS high school students and current college students who want to help their community.

  • What started LearnTogether?

    • This initiative was sparked by the COVID-19 crisis that forced many students out of school. Now, for some students, maintaining an education is difficult or near impossible. LearnTogether seeks to reach out to those students and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. 

  • What is the goal of LearnTogether?

    • LearnTogether simply wants to ensure that any CMS student can receive extra academic help. If we unite together as a community to uplift each other, we can find strength with each other and provide necessary support during this time of crisis.

  • How will LearnTogether work on a daily basis?

    • Our online form will collect information regarding tutoring subjects and availability. Our staff will match students with a tutor according to their subject proficiency and availability. Once we pair the tutor and tutee together, we will connect them via email and help facilitate the tutoring sessions. 

  • How long will LearnTogether be operating for?

    • We are currently planning to have LearnTogether be active as long as COVID-19 makes education difficult for CMS students. However, we hope to foster relationships that can support students for as long as they need.

  • What subjects does LearnTogether offer tutoring through?

    • LearnTogether offers tutoring for all core classes from kindergarten to 12th grade. LearnTogether also offers many IB/AP/Honors classes at the high school level. The full list is available here and on the intake form (found in the sign ups page). 

  • How are tutors selected? 

    • Prospective tutors are asked a series of questions on the initial form that establishes basic interest and commitment to the program. Then, each tutor has a one-on-one interview with our LearnTogether staff to assess subject knowledge and guarantee understanding of their responsibilities and duties with the LearnTogether initiative. Tutors are also asked in depth about their academic performance in the classes they wish to tutor to certify their ability to teach. 

  • How do you ensure that tutors are proficient in the subject knowledge?

    • CMS students who wish to be tutors must have a teacher in the subject area send an email to education@covid-gca.org that affirms the prospective tutor’s academic abilities. 

    • Non-CMS tutors (such as college students) must be designated as an official CMS volunteer. Email us at education@covid-gca.org for info on how to do that if confused. 

  • What platform will LearnTogether use for tutoring?

    • We recommend using the video conferencing app Zoom due to its current widespread use and its academic tools, but if both parties would prefer a different platform, that is perfectly fine. 

  • Can I be tutored in more than one subject?

    • Of course! We want to help as much as possible. If this is something you are interested in, indicate on the sign up form that you require help with multiple classes. We will make sure that you receive all the help you need in as many subjects as necessary. 

  • How can I report a problem/issue with a tutor/tutee? 

    • We take issues extremely seriously and want to resolve any problems immediately. As such please email us at education@covid-gca.org for concerns.

  • How do I sign up for LearnTogether?

    • On the COVID-GCA website click on the LearnTogether program and there will be two underlined sentences prompting you to click on them if you require tutoring or want to tutor. Click on the sentence that corresponds to your needs. If there is a problem with the sign up, please email us at education@covid-gca.org.

For questions not addressed above, please contact education@covid-gca.org

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