College Connect Frequently Asked Questions 


What is College Connect? 

College Connect is a mentoring service that gives current high school juniors an insight on the college admissions process from peers who have already experienced it.




Why was College Connect created?

The COVID-19 crisis has upset college visits and normal meetings with guidance counselors that are intended to help juniors. This means that thousands of juniors across Charlotte are utterly in the dark about what they need to be doing to apply for college. College Connect hopes to mitigate this problem by providing as much clarity to these juniors as possible. 


Who is available to be a College Connect Mentee?

Only high school juniors are eligible to receive mentoring. However, in extenuating circumstances, feel free to email us directly. 


Who is available to be a College Connect Mentor?

Only current high school seniors and college students are eligible to mentor and describe the process to juniors. 


Does College Connect handle sports recruiting in the admissions process?

No. We understand that this is a need, but unfortunately, it is not one we are equipped to handle. If this is an extreme problem, please email us, and we will do the best we can. 


Does College Connect handle advice on scholarships?

We are able to direct mentees towards the resources they may need for scholarships, but we are not currently equipped to have a complete program dedicated to this issue. 


How long will College Connect be active?

We anticipate that College Connect will only be necessary during the COVID-19 crisis. Normally, students would be able to visit campuses and speak to their counselors easily, and when COVID-19 is no longer an extreme issue, College Connect will not be as needed. 


What platform will Mentees and Mentors communicate on?

We recommend downloading and using the video conferencing app Zoom due to its current widespread use and its academic tools, but if both parties would prefer a different platform, that is perfectly fine. 


How will College Connect work on a daily basis?

We will match mentees and mentors together based on how well we think the mentor can meet the mentee’s stated needs and confusions. Mentees and mentors will meet at least once every two weeks for a minimum of an hour to discuss any questions the mentees may have. Furthermore, all mentors will be supplied with a “Mentor’s Handbook” that will be detail basic requirements that mentees should have for the college process. This will include but is not limited to, creating a resume, creating a Common App account, creating a list of schools, reviewing essays, and identifying possible majors. 


How can I report a problem/issue with a mentor/mentee? 

We take issues extremely seriously and want to resolve any problems immediately. As such please email us at for concerns.


How do I sign up for College Connect?

On the COVID-GCA website, there is a College Connect tab. One of the options within the College Connect tab is a sign up page for both mentees and mentors. Click on the page that corresponds to your needs. If there is a problem with the sign up, please email us at

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