Supporting Individuals

Support Local Businesses

Buying a gift card at a local store, theater, or restaurant can help businesses who are fighting the increasing economic pinch. Shopping at local businesses is also a way to keep cash flow rolling for local merchants.

Check out a list of local restaurants offering free and/or discounted meals on the Food and Supplies page under Resources.

Also, follow us on social media and check out our #GoLocal campaign, which provides tips and resources to support our local businesses during this time of crisis.

Check on Older Neighbors

Health officials have targeted people older than 60 as being most vulnerable to COVID-19. Many of those people are staying at home and may not open their doors over fears of coming in contact with the coronavirus. While some people over 60 may not be tech-savvy, some do own smartphones and computers. One way to check on them without putting their health at risk is to send a text or email.

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